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Signs You Need Carpet Repair or Replacement in Your Building

If you have a carpet in your building, then you probably know how it needs to be taken care of to keep its quality and stay beautiful. When you use the proper maintenance, your carpet’s lifespan can be extended considerably. You may even consider your carpet as one of your pets; it doesn’t need too much maintenance, but you still need to give it the love and attention it deserves to stay healthy (and it’s also soft and fuzzy).

This is where our team of experts at NMBOC, or National Maintenance and Build Out Company, comes in. We’re a facility management company that provides a broad range of services for our clients, including facility maintenance and build out management programs. Carpet repair is among those services for facility maintenance. Here are three signs the carpet in your building needs either repair or replacement:

  • There are stains left and right – There are probably a ton of people that come in and out of your building every day, possibly spilling drinks and more, which can leave the carpet with stains. Whether they are employees or customers, they deserve a clean floor to walk on. You can try sweeping, or you can try a carpet cleaner, which will help with the surface stains, but will probably not help with the deeper stains.
  • An increase in allergies – This might be tough to determine because allergies depend on a variety of factors. But if you’ve been in the building for awhile, you might be able to notice if people have been coughing and sneezing more, and if your allergies themselves have been acting up more lately. If you have noticed an increase in allergies, your carpet could be a major source.
  • Carpet wear and tear – Possibly the most telling sign of all, carpet wear and tear usually means you need to repair or replace your carpet. When your carpet is getting rips and tears, it will most likely need to be replaced. At NMBOC, we can help you determine what you need and the best way to proceed.

Those are a few of the signs that your carpet will need a repair or replacement service. Let this facility services company help you take care of your building to keep your employees and customers happy. To learn more about our carpet repair or other facility maintenance services, contact us at 800-419-5754.

3 Ways You Can Tell Your Office is Getting Too Small

You must be here because your company is growing. But that’s a good thing, right? Well, not necessarily. I mean, it’s definitely a good thing. When you get more customers and clients, you will hire more employees, more work will get done, and last, but not least, more money will be made. But growth could also mean that there will be less space, the office will become overcrowded, and it will feel like it’s shrinking.

Although nothing is impossible, it’s pretty unlikely that your office is shrinking. You’re just gaining more and more employees as your company expands and everyone is running out of room. Luckily, NMBOC, also known as National Maintenance and Build Out Company, can help. We are a facility management company that provides build out and facility maintenance services for businesses across the nation. If you need quality building project management, we’ll be there. Here are three ways you can tell if your office is getting too small and you need a build out project:

  1. Workers are crammed in like sardines – It’s much harder to get work done when everyone is packed in a little bit too closely. If your employees can smell each other’s perfume and cologne, then it’s probably time to start thinking about a bigger office because personal space is essential for contentment and work productivity. All in all, your employees will be able to get more done if they have more room to work.
  1. Filing cabinets are filled to the brim – If the filing cabinets in your office are hard to open or close because they’re so full, that might be a telling sign of an office that’s too small. But the good thing is, this is an easy problem to solve. With technology constantly evolving, you can now use cloud storage on the internet to cut down on paper usage. You’ll be able to share who sees your documents, use less filing cabinet space, and pull the document up whenever you need it.
  1. The break room isn’t relaxing – Are there so many people in your break room constantly that it’s not even relaxing anymore? The break room used to be a place for employees to relax and take a little breather, but now you all feel like it’s too crowded to breathe. A build out by a facility maintenance company could do the trick and turn your overcrowded break room back into that land of relaxation.

Those are three ways you can tell if your office is getting too small. One of the best ways to keep you and employees happy is to provide them with a sufficient office space. We can provide that for you at NMBOC. To learn more about company build out and facility management projects, contact us at 800-419-5754.

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Construction Project

Yes, it costs money to expand a building. And yes, it costs a significant amount of money to expand a building. But is it worth it in the end? Of course, it is. A bigger building equals more room for your employees or customers, or if you’re feeling extra generous, both.

Even though your building probably seemed like a gigantic space that would never be filled or eventually overpopulated when you first moved in, you’ve found that you have now actually outgrown the building. So before you completely run out of room, think about building out and expanding it. But before start your commercial construction project, here is how to save money in the process from start to end:

  • Hire a commercial construction project manager from the beginning – National Maintenance Build Out Company (NMBOC) provides commercial construction project managers for these types of projects. They are here to get your build out done on time and done right. They can help you stick to your budget and keep the process moving. The building project managers at NMBOC have a goal to allow you to remain fully operational while minimizing any inconvenience to you and your customers, which ultimately saves you money.
  • Know your wants and needs from the start – Before you meet with an architect or contractor, make sure you know what you want your building to look like, the purpose of it, and any special features you may want or need. Even though you don’t need a solid plan (that’s what project managers are for), at least have an idea so that you can end up with the result that you desire.
  • Construct at a good time of year – Although the weather is always difficult to predict, there are certain times of the year that are better for construction than others. Summer is fast approaching, and it is usually a great time for these types of projects. The weather is nice and warm, and there is a guarantee of no snow unless you live in the North Pole, but then again, we won’t be able to help you there.

These are some of the best ways to save money during a commercial construction project. To learn more about commercial construction project managers, contact National Maintenance Build Out Company at 800-419-5754 or go to their website at

3 Advantages of Hiring NMBOC For Your Next Construction Build Out

Is your building a tad too small? Would it require more space or maybe another room to function more properly? If it is, the easiest thing to do would be cry and complain about it, but you’re not like that. We can tell. You’re one of the few who likes to do things the right way, and whether it requires blood, sweat, or tears, you will do it right. But the good news is, National Maintenance and Build Out Company (NMBOC) will make sure that you won’t have to deal with any blood, sweat, or tears because our building construction project management is of the best and highest quality in America. We live for you to be satisfied, and whether the construction project is small or large, our building project managers at NMBOC will help you reach the outcome that you set out for. Here are three advantages if you choose NMBOC to be your next building construction project manager:

  1. We audit your store for the best individualized plan – NMBOC conducts an In-Store Productivity Audit to determine the best way to work on your store’s construction while minimizing customer and employee disruption. We visit your location several times throughout the course of a week to decide when would be the best times to work on your building, even if that means working overnight.
  1. We make sure to stick to your budget – NMBOC takes your budget into consideration through the use of our Value-Engineered Option. We offer this to clients who would like to limit the cost of their construction build out project, but still achieve similar results that preserve the appearance and structural integrity of your project.
  1. We continually assure you that quality work is taking place – We use the NMBOC Quality Assurance Process so that you will know how construction is going throughout the project. We inform you with updates about punch list reviews, client surveys, work order audits, and progress alerts to ensure that your construction project meets all deadlines and exceeds your expectations.

So before your building gets too overpopulated and feels too small–and long before you want to start crying–think about contacting NMBOC at 800-419-5754. We guarantee our construction project management skills will help you acquire the building of your dreams.

The High Cost of Neglecting Roof Repair

It’s just a leak, right? Maybe it’s in a back room somewhere, where customers won’t notice. You put a bucket under it and forget about it, waiting until next quarter’s budget, where you can work repairs into your projected spend. But that leak isn’t “just” anything—it could be an indicator that the roof of your retail property is in serious trouble, much like “just some rain” can warn of a major thunderstorm.

If your property is showing signs of roof damage, don’t wait. The longer you go without repairing even seemingly minor issues, the greater your risk of the ballooning expenses that accompany a roofing emergency. Neglecting roof repair can lead to any of the following:

Dissatisfied Customers

Comfort has a significant impact on how customers perceive the places in which they shop. A neglected roof lets in elements like heat, cold, rain and wind, all of which customers at your property will notice. Water damage can also lead to secondary effects like odors and visible mold, not to mention lawsuit-ready slip-and-fall hazards.

Damaged Merchandise

Not fixing your roof will certainly cost you more in the long run than fixing. A faulty roof poses a high risk for damaged merchandise. Whether it’s leaks that pop up out of nowhere and permanently stain a new rack of clothes or crumbling tiles that render product inedible, roof damage has sneaky ways of sabotaging your or your tenants’ bottom line.

Critter Invasion

Snow, wind and rain aren’t the only things that weaknesses in your roof can let in. Insects and small mammals seeking a well-stocked food supply and shelter from the elements are adept at finding every point of entry into your building. This means you’ll have to call pest control as well as a facility management company.

The Fix That Won’t Strain Your Budget

National Maintenance and Build Out Company, LLC is dedicated to providing cost-effective maintenance, building management, construction and repairs for all of our clients. We’ll work with you to find the materials that cost less but still meet your needs for keeping your customers and merchandise safe.

Learn more about why we’re your best choice for building maintenance companies at