Retail Maintenance Services

retail maintenance companiesAs the years go by and your business continues to grow, you are beginning to run out of room for additional products and employees. While moving to a bigger location is an option, there can be blowback that could drastically stunt your growth. Offering an alternative to moving since 1991, National Maintenance and Build Out Company has been providing retail build out services on a national scale.

With over 20 years of retail construction projects under our belts, our extensive team of construction professionals, administrators and subcontractors have the skills needed to expertly handle all phases of your build out. When you hire our retail build out services for your company, you will immediately notice the customer-centric approach we take with every client. Once we hear the plans for your space, we handpick the retail maintenance management that will handle the job to provide you with the team best suited for you specific needs.

To provide comprehensive building construction project management, we will work with your managerial department to conduct an in-store audit. The purpose of this is to form an understanding of your customers’ traffic patterns. Based on the collected data from your store, our retail construction contractors and maintenance management team will develop a work schedule that interferes the least with your daily business operations.

Retail Facility Maintenance Companies

While conducting our retail build out services, we provide your facility with our Quality Assurance Process. You will regularly receive punch list reviews and updates, work order audits, service response trend analyses, and client surveys. Our construction contractors can also send you emails, text messages, or phone calls with project alerts to keep you informed of our progress.

As it is with all of our construction and maintenance projects, we make it a point to be done on time and within the budget. If the final cost will exceed the allotted money, we can work with you to develop a new layout or use alternative materials to reduce the costs for your store or facility.

We back all retail management projects with a comprehensive 13-month warranty. If part of your new construction does fail, we will immediately send a team to repair the damage for no additional charge. After the warranty expires, we offer building facility management to businesses in an effort to protect your build out for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about our projects and services, schedule an appointment with us by calling 888-340-6900 or filling out a contact form.