NMBOC In-Store Productivity Audit™

Every store needs to update their physical location sooner or later. But no business, no matter how large, can afford to shut their doors for an extended period of time. Whether you’re planning a small-scale retail fit out, a more extensive build out or a complete construction overhaul of your retail location, we know how important it is for you to maintain an atmosphere of business-as-usual and minimize customer disruption.

Prior to beginning work on your retail construction project, NMBOC conducts a comprehensive in-store productivity audit. Working with your managerial team, our Retail Construction Engineers will visit your locations several times over the course of a week to determine your average customer traffic patterns. We examine every detail of your customers’ behavior from parking tendencies to aisle congestion, prioritizing our approach and determining the best days and times to complete your retail build out or fit out — even if that means working overnight to maximize your customers’ satisfaction.