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Solve These Common Challenges to Commercial Property Maintenance

Maintenance tips for your retail business and commercial space are always great, that’s why we’ve been concentrating on them for our blogs lately. Taking care of your space lets your customers and clientele know that you care about their comfort and experience and that you will take care of them in turn. But what about the maintenance processes that require an independent team, like engineering and parking services? If a problem were to occur during these common facility maintenance procedures, how would you handle it to ensure that it never affects your customers?

Maintenance issues are inevitable, much like death and taxes – so, don’t stress out when one presents itself. Keep calm and follow this advice:

Engineering Service Issues


Challenge: The costs for engineering repairs, whether HVAC systems or structural fixtures, can be astronomical, climbing to upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

Solution: First and foremost, check out and follow our blog, and other industry-appropriate news, for preventive maintenance tips; they are the key to ensuring the mechanical aspects of your building don’t break down unexpectedly, and that any structural issues are found before they get too big. Create a schedule for preventive maintenance, just like the janitorial maintenance schedule; if properly inspected and cared for, the need for emergency fixes that aren’t budgeted out is reduced considerably.

In the worst case scenario, contact a building maintenance company you can trust to perform your engineering maintenance needs. At NMBOC, we know that commercial buildings are the lifeblood of companies, and are thus committed to providing the highest quality of work at affordable prices, ensuring that we always work within a client’s budget and timeline.

Parking Service Issues

NMBOC - Parking Issues

Challenge #1: Winter is coming – a parking lot packed with snow can prevent employees and customers from accessing your store.

Solution: Contract with a reputable company that will not only provide professional snow removal services, but that will monitor the weather and be prepared to clear your lot before you even realize you need them to. Make sure they are also prepared to clear your walkways and put down salt for both pedestrian and driver safety.

Challenge #2: Dark parking garages can make people uneasy, especially if your store/office keeps later hours.

Solution: Consider hiring a security guard and make his presence known, as a properly trained guard will maintain order and safety, as well as make customers and employees feel more comfortable. You should also strongly consider installing security cameras and emergency phones, and keeping lights on at all times, or at least a few hours past business hours.