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Does Your Building Need a New Paint Job?

As one of the nation’s leading maintenance and build out companies, we know a thing or two about buildings. We’re here to help you if your company is expanding too fast and your building can’t keep up, and we’re also here to make sure the appearance of your building is kept in tip-top shape.

At NMBOC, we’re a facility management company that has been providing build out and facility maintenance services to businesses across the U.S. for over 20 years. Whether you want to expand the size of your building, replace the ceiling tiles, or repair the carpets, we’re the company that you’ve been waiting for. We’ll also help you if your building needs a new paint job. So, what are the signs that it needs new paint?

  1. You see chipping and peeling – Take a look at the walls (or anything else that’s painted). What do you see? If you’re looking at a whole lot of paint that’s chipping and peeling, then we’ve got some news for you. You should definitely consider a fresh coat of paint.
  1. The color is fading – Keep looking at the paint on your walls. What color is it? And what color was it originally? If there’s a discrepancy between your two answers because the color is so faded, then get out those paint brushes, because we’re about to help you complete a new paint job.
  1. There’s some dry rotting – Dry rot is caused by a species of fungi that digests the parts of the wood that give it strength. If there’s any dry rotting going on in your building, then you not only need new paint, but you may also need to replace some of the boards too.
  1. The caulk is getting old – When you’re using a high-quality caulk, it’s usually designed to last for 10 years or more. If yours is older than that or you can see that it’s dried, cracked, or coming off, then you’ll want to reapply.

At NMBOC, we can help you determine if you need a new paint job and we can do it for you. We’ll also make sure to complete it within the time you need and your budget. If you’re looking for a trusted facility management company, contact us at 800-419-5754.