Building Construction Project Management

construction project managerAs your business continues to grow, you will quickly find that you need to expand your square footage to accommodate the influx of customers and residents. For over 20 years, we have specialized in commercial construction projects with a dedicated project manager to oversee the construction build out. Having handled build outs for retail locations, restaurants, office buildings, and warehouses, our team of over 50 construction professionals, administrators, and subcontractors have the skills and knowledge to handle every job that comes their way.

When you come to us for project management for your company, we begin the process by handpicking a team that will best suit the needs of your building. Once your team has been assembled, your manager will conduct an in-store audit to maximize our efficiency and reduce any inconvenience the construction may cause your customers. To determine the best time to work, we observe the traffic patterns of your customers over the course of a week.

A key element of our project management is to keep your build out and construction project running on time, making sure it stays within the allotted budget. If concerns about the costs of the project arise, your manager will work with you to develop a new cost-effective plan using alternative materials and varying layouts. While the materials we are using may cost less, you can trust their quality as they are used and have been implemented in numerous buildings across the country.

Project Manager Construction

project management and constructionThroughout your build out, you will experience our customer-centric work either from a dedicated project manager, from conception to completion. Helping us achieve complete customer satisfaction, we are one of the companies that implements a Quality Assurance Process. To make sure that you receive the highest quality craftsmanship, we send you progress alerts, client surveys, work order audits, and service response trend analyses, as well as punch list reviews and updates. Your manager can also send you project alerts via text messages, emails, or phone calls to keep you informed when not at your business.

Along with being one of the trusted management companies for the completion of your building, we can also provide facility management services. Continuing our customer-centric approach, we develop a customized maintenance program to provide your company with the most comprehensive care. Among the standard services we provide are flooring repairs and replacements and painting jobs. We will also ensure your space meets all of the local fire codes and routinely maintain electrical systems.

If you require one of the leading construction management companies to ensure the safe completion of your retail construction projects, call us at 888-340-6900 or fill out a contact form today.