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How to Tell if You Need Build Out Construction for Your Office

As a business grows, and the number of customers and employees increases, so does the need for more space. Since you’re here, it probably means that your business is growing (which is great!), but you have to ask yourself one thing: do you have enough room to accommodate the amount of customers and employees in your building?

This answer can sometimes be pretty difficult to tell. You might be thinking – is it really worth it to spend the time and money to make the office bigger? If you are, then we can help at National Maintenance and Build Out Company (NMBOC). We’ve come up with ways to tell if you need to use build out construction with a building project manager for your office. Here they are:

  • Employees are quitting – Believe it or not, no matter how great or amazing your company is to work for, some employees are probably going to leave if they feel like they don’t have enough space. If people are coming from the comfort of their own homes to a place where they don’t even have enough elbow space or breathing room, then they might stop coming in at all. The way to prevent this is to give them more room by building out.
  • People are using the conference room to work – This is another sign that you need to build out your office. Conference rooms are meant to be for meetings only, and if you have employees that need to clear out and find a new place to work every time there’s a meeting, it’s tougher for everyone involved. And if they go into the break room after they’ve cleared out from the conference room, that’s an even bigger problem.

If you’re still having questions about whether it’s worth it to build your company’s office building or not, then come to our team of experts at NMBOC. When it comes to commercial construction projects, we have the answers that you’re looking for. We have a team of more than 50 construction professionals, subcontractors, and administers, who are waiting to give you the office space that you and your employees deserve. To learn more about our build out construction services, contact us at 800-419-5754.

Emergency Build Out Services – Brought to You by NMBOC

Disaster has struck. Whether it was a hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake or another type of incident that has occurred and caused damage to your company’s building, you need to find a way to fix it and bring everything back to normal.

Don’t let the disaster bring you down, because we know that you can rise to the top and make sure everyone, including employees and customers, feel as though it never even happened. Here at the National Maintenance and Build Out Company (NMBOC), we’re a facility service company that provides emergency build out services for businesses that have experienced a disaster of some sort and need to get back on the right track.

Although we may be known for our retail construction, planning and build out services, we also provide emergency build out services that can help you get back on your feet after a disaster has stricken your company. Our valued team is dedicated to working with each client and making sure they all receive a personalized result. And, of course, we’ll also do it in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We’ll help you throughout the entire process

From the occurrence of the disaster to the resolution, we’ll be with you every step of the way. As one of the leading facility management service companies in the country, we’ll make sure the recovery times for your company are low so that your business can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Our disaster response team will first assess the situation, then design comprehensive timelines and deadlines to make sure the job gets done in a timely fashion.

At NMBOC, we can provide you with some of the most convenient and affordable emergency build out services. If part of your building has been broken or damaged and needs to be built out, we’ll help you get there with little to no disruption. We’ll also provide you with constant alerts and updates, as well as full maintenance and top-quality service.

If your company’s building has recently suffered from a disaster of any kind, please contact us at NMBOC. To learn more about our fully-insured and fully-licensed organization, call us at 800-419-5754 or go to

Does Your Building Need a New Paint Job?

As one of the nation’s leading maintenance and build out companies, we know a thing or two about buildings. We’re here to help you if your company is expanding too fast and your building can’t keep up, and we’re also here to make sure the appearance of your building is kept in tip-top shape.

At NMBOC, we’re a facility management company that has been providing build out and facility maintenance services to businesses across the U.S. for over 20 years. Whether you want to expand the size of your building, replace the ceiling tiles, or repair the carpets, we’re the company that you’ve been waiting for. We’ll also help you if your building needs a new paint job. So, what are the signs that it needs new paint?

  1. You see chipping and peeling – Take a look at the walls (or anything else that’s painted). What do you see? If you’re looking at a whole lot of paint that’s chipping and peeling, then we’ve got some news for you. You should definitely consider a fresh coat of paint.
  1. The color is fading – Keep looking at the paint on your walls. What color is it? And what color was it originally? If there’s a discrepancy between your two answers because the color is so faded, then get out those paint brushes, because we’re about to help you complete a new paint job.
  1. There’s some dry rotting – Dry rot is caused by a species of fungi that digests the parts of the wood that give it strength. If there’s any dry rotting going on in your building, then you not only need new paint, but you may also need to replace some of the boards too.
  1. The caulk is getting old – When you’re using a high-quality caulk, it’s usually designed to last for 10 years or more. If yours is older than that or you can see that it’s dried, cracked, or coming off, then you’ll want to reapply.

At NMBOC, we can help you determine if you need a new paint job and we can do it for you. We’ll also make sure to complete it within the time you need and your budget. If you’re looking for a trusted facility management company, contact us at 800-419-5754.

Top 3 Considerations When Choosing a Retail Build Out Company

You want a retail build out company that will impress you. One that will not only meet but hopefully also exceed your expectations. If your company is continuing to grow (Congratulations!), but where are you going to fit all those people?

Now that we’ve given you a reality check, you need to begin thinking about building project management to increase the size of your building so that you can fit more people and equipment. At NMBOC, we can provide you and your business with some of the best building construction project management services in the country. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and we’ve helped tons of businesses grow. Here are three considerations you need to take when choosing a retail build out company:

  1. Experience – Since retail build outs are a whole different ball game than general construction, it’s a good idea to choose a company with plenty of experience. Retail build outs require a different level of expertise and planning that many regular construction companies don’t have. Luckily for you, we have over 20 years of experience in this industry, and we’re prepared to give you the room you deserve.
  1. Ability to customize – Another consideration you should prioritize when selecting a retail build out company includes making sure the have the ability to customize the approach for any of their customers. When they take your unique requirements and work to stay within your budget, it shows that the company cares. At NMBOC, we’ll customize every project that comes our way.
  1. Provides regular updates – No one likes to be kept in the dark, especially when it concerns a large project that has to do with your business. When you choose a retail build out company, make sure they’ll provide you with regular updates on the progress throughout the entirety of the project. This ensures that your deadlines and expectations are fully met from start to finish.

If you take these three considerations to mind when you choose a retail build out company, you’ll know that you’ve found the right one. You can also make your search easier and contact us at 800-419-5754. We’ll help you increase the size of your building so that your business can continue to grow.

2 Reasons to Choose NMBOC for Project Management

As your business grows larger and larger, so will your need for more room. You’ll need more employees, more products, and more equipment, which will, of course, lead you to need more space. As enticing as it sounds to cram everyone and everything into one little space and create your own game show out of it called: Who Will Crack First?, it isn’t exactly good idea if you want your business to continue to grow.

At NMBOC, we can help you with your maintenance, build out, and construction needs. We aren’t called the National Maintenance Build Out and Construction company for nothing. We have been providing project management for building construction projects for over 20 years, and we can take on any project, big or small. Here are two reasons why you should choose our project management for a job that needs to be done:

  1. The NMBOC Customer-Centric Approach™ – We take pride in not being like other companies in our industry. We’re always striving to be better than them. Unlike many other retail construction contractors, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we create customized teams of construction professionals around each of our client’s requirements and needs. We’ll handpick your supervisors, project managers, technicians, engineers, and laborers to match your company’s needs. These highly-qualified personalized teams have one common goal in mind: to bring your vision to life.
  1. The NMBOC Quality Assurance Process™ – We use this quality assurance process to guarantee top-rate craftsmanship for every project that we take on. To ensure that your job is meeting every deadline as well as meeting and exceeding your expectations, we provide regular punch list updates and reviews, work order audits, client surveys, and regular progress alerts. Our priority is your satisfaction. Our project management and construction experience taught us that there is always a way to reduce costs and help the client save money. Quality for your project is assured with the use of this process.


Choose us if you’d like a customized approach and assured quality. We’ll make sure your project stays on time and within budget. To learn more about our project management services, contact us at 800-419-5754.