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The High Cost of Neglecting Roof Repair

It’s just a leak, right? Maybe it’s in a back room somewhere, where customers won’t notice. You put a bucket under it and forget about it, waiting until next quarter’s budget, where you can work repairs into your projected spend. But that leak isn’t “just” anything—it could be an indicator that the roof of your retail property is in serious trouble, much like “just some rain” can warn of a major thunderstorm.

If your property is showing signs of roof damage, don’t wait. The longer you go without repairing even seemingly minor issues, the greater your risk of the ballooning expenses that accompany a roofing emergency. Neglecting roof repair can lead to any of the following:

Dissatisfied Customers

Comfort has a significant impact on how customers perceive the places in which they shop. A neglected roof lets in elements like heat, cold, rain and wind, all of which customers at your property will notice. Water damage can also lead to secondary effects like odors and visible mold, not to mention lawsuit-ready slip-and-fall hazards.

Damaged Merchandise

Not fixing your roof will certainly cost you more in the long run than fixing. A faulty roof poses a high risk for damaged merchandise. Whether it’s leaks that pop up out of nowhere and permanently stain a new rack of clothes or crumbling tiles that render product inedible, roof damage has sneaky ways of sabotaging your or your tenants’ bottom line.

Critter Invasion

Snow, wind and rain aren’t the only things that weaknesses in your roof can let in. Insects and small mammals seeking a well-stocked food supply and shelter from the elements are adept at finding every point of entry into your building. This means you’ll have to call pest control as well as a facility management company.

The Fix That Won’t Strain Your Budget

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