Daily Archives: February 24, 2017

4 Ways NMBOC Can Help Your Retail Business

With so many construction and project management companies to chose from, it can often be a roll of the dice. Before settling, do your research. NMBOC takes pride in being a project management company that handles retail building jobs professionally and efficiently. In case you don’t know about us, here are four ways that we can help with your retail store’s construction:

  1. The NMBOC Customer-Centric Approach™ – Many retail construction contractors believe in one-service-fits-all solutions, but we take much different approach. We realize that all of our clients deserve unique, customized blueprints and plans. NMBOC organizes our teams of retail construction professionals around each client’s wants, needs and goals. We offer highly competent, detail oriented contractors with one common goal in mind: to turn your retail build out dream into a reality.
  2. Our 13-Month Warranty – NMBOC offers a comprehensive 13-month warranty on every retail build out that we complete. If there are any repairs needed within the first 13 months of project completion, simply call or email us, and we’ll send out a team of maintenance professionals to fix it for free! Additionally, our team checks in with every client at least 60 days before our warranty expires. We take a proactive approach and want to make sure everything we do withstands the test of time, wear and tear.

  3. Responsive Emergency Build Outs – Life happens, and emergencies are a part of life. Do the math. 🙂 Unfortunately, there could be a time where a store gets damaged. When disaster strikes, call us and we will be there as quickly as we can to assess your emergency and remedy it.
  4. Project Alerts & Notifications – The NMBOC team maintains a mantra that ensures client satisfaction is much more than a written promise. Our customer-centric approach is something that we commit to every day when developing your retail construction projects. NMBOC offers regular project status updates, which are accessible via phone, text message or email. Our Project Alerts, keep you in the loop every step of the way. You are notified of every project milestone, which guarantees that your retail build out stays on schedule and within your budget. To schedule an In-Store Productivity Audit, call 888-340-6900.