Daily Archives: September 21, 2015

4 Basic Commercial Property Maintenance Tips for Anytime of Year

Last month we talked about fall maintenance tips and, now that you’ve taken care of the pressing issues, we thought we’d continue the trend and take a step back to discuss the basic tips for commercial property maintenance that you can, and should, complete throughout the year. With in-depth experience backed by more than 20 years in the commercial retail service management industry, we have seen the extreme benefits that proper facility maintenance can bring to a business. First impressions start the moment a customer gets out of their car and continue as they open your doors and step into your space. You want to make sure they open that door, and that they not only stay inside, but make it to your checkout counter. One of the most important steps to creating a lasting impression that will turn into word-of-mouth recommendations is facility maintenance that keeps your location looking clean, organized and inviting.

1. Start with the Exterior of Your Building. If you can’t get the customers into your store, your business will fail faster than a moped with jet fuel. Repair or replace anything damaged, whether it’s your display window, signage, door handle or roof. Be ready to touch up the paint and landscaping as well.

2. Move It Inside. Unless you are a master negotiator and added clauses about maintenance and upkeep into your lease, the responsibility falls on you as the location’s tenant and store owner. Take cues from your outdoor evaluations, look for things that are damaged, broken or that need touchups, then fix them. This includes the paint, flooring, furnishings and light fixtures, you want your space to look safe, clean and intriguing in order to pull customers in past the doors and through your aisles.

3. Don’t Stop There – Remember the Details. Just because your store now looks stylish and your customers are tumbling over each other to get through the door, doesn’t mean that they will make a purchase on the way out. Keep them there by focusing on the details – the fitting rooms, restrooms, elevators and any noticeable breakrooms. Make sure they’re clean, with a touch of elegance. Customers will notice that you paid attention to the intricate details that ensure their comfort and will make sure others know about it too, as they show off their new merchandise and rave about the store they bought it from.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Utilities. Heating and air conditioning units, water heaters and any other utilities that you depend on need to be checked and maintained regularly to keep those comfort levels up, not just for your customers, but your all-important employees too. Your property should be warm in the winter, cool in the summer and your bathrooms should work properly as well as look nice.

By properly maintaining your commercial property, you can effectively preserve its value while increasing revenues and mitigating costs. However, if any of this sounds too daunting, or your space is in dire need of a larger overhaul to bring it back to inviting, give us a call. Our team of professional dispatchers, operations personnel and technicians will work tirelessly to give your retail space a competitive edge, based on your unique needs and within your preferred timeframes and budget. Whether you need scheduled preventive checkups or emergency services due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be there for you.