Things to Consider When Preparing for a Business Renovation

Whether a result of growth or because your business needs a more modern look, there will come a time when your office needs renovations or build outs. Rather than treating the idea of construction as a burden, view the changes as a positive affirmation that you’re achieving and surpassing your business goals. The need forbuild out construction means your business has progressed enough to make the current style and layout obsolete.

Once you decide to start building out or refurbishing your office space, you’ll need to find the contractor that is right for you. A good contractor will bring your renovation dreams to life, and make sure that things stay within budget and stick to the deadline. As one of the nation’s leading retail build out companies, the National Maintenance and Build Out Company (NMBOC) is committed to providing every client with the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that their project deserves. Wetake a Customer-Centric Approach to providing complete retail build out services and will tailor the project to your unique job site needs and requirements.

Our team of highly-qualified professionals recommend that you also consider the following when preparing for an office renovation:

Ask Questions: Before you start demolition on your old office space, ask yourself why you want to start the construction phase. Why are you renovating – Will you have more room for client interactions? Will you have more room for new employees? Do you need more room for retail sales? This brainstorming phase will make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the renovation and will help you get the most practical use out of your renovation.

Think About Your Budget: This phase will include a breakdown of your entire financial logistics and will give you an idea of where you can hold back if needed.

Capitalize on Your Building’s Strengths: Think about the features that made the building attractive when you first chose it. Does it have great views, open areas, needed offices? Determine which of these features should be saved, and prioritize those that need to be updated or expanded.

Enhance the Property’s Curb Appeal: First impressions are crucial for a business and the salability of its products or services. Consider the landscaping, esthetic appeal, and parking areas as much as you would consider the changes to the bathrooms, lobby, offices and retail spaces.

Make Sustainability Part of the Process: By putting green features on your list, like installing a programmable thermostat and adding low-flow toilets and automatic faucets in the restroom, you can easily save 20 to 30 percent on your annual energy costs.