5 Essential Commercial Property Maintenance Tips for Fall

It’s official, fall is coming, and it’s coming quickly. School gear is being purchased in bulk, last minute vacations are being taken to squeeze out the final remnants of summer and hot weather, and fall apparel and gear have hit the stores in preparation for the cooler air and shorter days. Take the hint and start your own preparations to make sure your commercial property is ready for the changing seasons.

Check Your Gutters – The season is known as “Fall” for a reason, leaves are going to change color and fall from the trees in bulk, and that means a lot more than increased sweeping and vacuuming inside as they are tracked in on shoes. The biggest threat that comes from all of those falling leaves and debris is to your gutter system. Make sure it’s clear so that water will flow freely away from your building when it rains and pours. This simple step will go a long way towards preventing roof leaks and flooding.

Check Your Heaters – Avoid surprises by checking to make sure your heater works before the first cold snap. This means checking on the pilot light, oil levels (if applicable) and furnace filters, as well as having an HVAC expert come in for a seasonal checkup. Not only will your employees and customers thank you, but these steps can help ensure your heating unit will work better and last longer.

Check Your Water Pipes – Exposed water pipes should regularly be checked for leaks, but fall is also a good time to examine the insulation and make sure it’s prepared for colder weather. Prevent frozen and burst pipes in the winter by conducting a quick check in the fall and fixing any inadequacies.

Prevent Electrical and Fire Problems – Have an electrician come in and perform a maintenance check on your electrical system to ensure it’s prepared for the increased usage that fall demands. Shorter and colder days mean more lighting and the possible addition of space heaters, and you don’t want to blow a fuse when clients are around! While you’re at it – check your smoke detectors and their batteries (ideally once a month, but in the spring and fall at the least), and any emergency generators (which should be started once a week so they don’t remain idle too long, transfer load tested every month and full load tested once a year).

Create a Snow/Ice Removal Plan – Just as the summer zooms by at uncontrollable speeds, winter will be here before you know it. Be proactive and ensure you have a service provider ready to clear the snow and ice from your parking lot and property now, that way customer access is never impeded and you’re not put on a waiting list behind the ill-prepared businesses.

Should your roof start to leak or something else come up that requires building maintenance or repairs, don’t hesitate to call in a professional as quickly as possible. Leaving even minor problems unchecked for too long may result in you having to shut down your business temporarily or inconvenience your customers in order to fix the problem. At NMBOC, we’re not just retail construction contractors, we have more than 20 years of experience conducting professional facility maintenance for retail businesses, and are just a call away when you need a helping hand.