White Box Build Out Services

white box build out services

As a business owner looking for a new commercial space, you will hear the term “white box” or “vanilla box” frequently during the discussion of new construction. This term refers to a commercial building with an interior that is only partially finished. Other facility management companies do not have the ability to do both build outs and tenant improvements for white box build outs, but NMBOC can work with you from start to finish on your company build.

Our white box build out services are very popular because they enable our clients to customize construction to fit their exact business needs. NMBOC’s tenant improvement contractors are experienced in vanilla box TI services, and know the ins and outs of white box advantages and disadvantages, so that we can better advise you on the best options for your company.

A white box usually entails a shell of a building that includes:

  • Ceiling
  • Main Walls
  • Concrete Floors
  • Basic Electrical Wiring (outlets)
  • Lighting
  • Basic Plumbing
  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Most of our vanilla box build out services do not allow for your business space to be fully equipped for normal operations, but they do allow for a lease acquirement. The lease agreement will decide all necessary improvements to be made before you are able to claim occupancy.

It is important to make sure that the agreement is detailed and includes the specific construction needs required to fulfill the terms of your lease. Your landlord might have a slightly different interpretation of the contract than you, as they are sometimes difficult to interpret clearly, so you should make sure to be as thorough as possible to avoid confusion and possible legal issues down the road.

Often, the landlord will offer a tenant improvement allowance to offset the costs of your commercial tenant improvements, but only those considered vital to making the space workable; stipends do not cover fixtures, furniture, paint and other improvements that are more related to the nature of your business itself, rather than the operation of the building as a work environment.

A white box finish in commercial real estate does not include the following:

  • Interior Walls (save for restrooms)
  • Wall Coverings
  • Paint
  • Additional Plumbing Fixtures (aside from drinking fountains and code required restroom fixtures)
  • Upgraded Electrical Fixtures

With NMBOC’s tenant improvement services, we can finish your white box build out following lease agreement negotiation and execution.


Tenant Improvement Construction


tenant improvement construction

During the legal process of your business construction, you will need to reach out to a build out and tenant improvement construction company like NMBOC to determine the cost of all of your improvements. We are experts at project management building, and will stay in touch with you all the while, helping you decide on what vanilla TI services will best complete the vanilla box build out services NMBOC already performed. After everything has been finalized, our team will begin the final stages of construction.

At NMBOC, we specialize in providing facility maintenance and construction management services to clients who are looking for vanilla box TI services and tenant improvement construction. Our white box build out services and other customers span numerous companies throughout the country, and our staff is comprised of more than fifty construction professionals (including subcontractors and customer service specialists) who are trained and prepared to provide outstanding commercial tenant improvement services for your business. If you are looking for commercial tenant improvement contractors to help build up your business, you can’t go wrong with NMBOC.
We are committed to maintaining a high standard of superior craftsmanship for our white box TI services, and NMBOC focuses on creating quality retail vanilla box build out services. Our commercial construction solutions and white box build out services are sure to fit every need of your business.

If you are in need of tenant improvement contractors for your build out, NMBOC is certain that our white box build out services will leave you satisfied, and with an excellent foundation for your expanding business. When you choose NMBOC’s white box TI services, you will be assigned a team that is customly assembled to align with your vision and each of the unique requirements that you might have.