Build Out Maintenance Improves Your Bottom Line

First impressions are invaluable, and the building that houses your business is the first thing your customers or clients see. It should reflect the professionalism, integrity and stability of your company’s brand and its products or services. Maintenance is not just a task that needs to be performed occasionally. The right maintenance approach can have a serious impact on the overall success of your company.

With this in mind, NMBOC has compiled the following maintenance tips and suggestions to help your facility keep up appearances:

  1. ADA and NFPA Fire Code Compliance — The first, and most important, rule of facility maintenance is making sure your retail or commercial location is kept up to code at all times. That includes maintaining handicapped-accessible facilities (such as ramps and restrooms), ensuring all emergency exits are clearly marked and an extensive list of other legal requirements. Ask your build out or facility maintenance provider for an initial premises assessment and a checklist of necessary procedures to help you avoid costly code violations.
  2. Lighting System Maintenance — Keeping up the appearance of your retail location or commercial facility starts with good lighting. After all, if your clients or customers can’t see where they’re going, or can’t view your merchandise in the proper lighting environment, they probably won’t stay long. Therefore, maintaining a clean, well-lit facility is of critical importance to the success of your business. That means replacing broken, blown or malfunctioning bulbs, ballasts and fixtures on a regular basis. Depending on the size and layout of your facility, these lighting system elements might be located in hard-to-reach locations. Before you put your employees in jeopardy, ask your maintenance provider about scheduling a regular lighting maintenance walkthrough of the property.
  3. Ceiling Tile Replacements — If you’re like most businesses, you’re always looking for ways to cut down on overhead costs. Whatever you do, don’t take that search too literally! One place it pays to never cut corners is on ceiling tile replacement. Not only does exposed ductwork provide an unsightly image for your business, water damage and general wear can create unsafe conditions for your customers and employees alike.
  4. Duct Work and Vent Cleaning — Air quality is something many of us take for granted. But when it comes to creating an environment your customers or clients feel safe and comfortable in, it pays to have your ducts and vents cleaned on a regular basis. Not only is a dust-clogged vent an eyesore, it may result in allergic reactions for some customers or clients. What’s more, without proper cleaning techniques and procedures, your facility’s air ducts can become a breeding ground for harmful mold or fungus.
  5. Flooring, Carpet and Tile Maintenance and Repair — You might not think that the ground beneath your customers’ feet can affect your bottom line, but you’d be wrong. When this essential surface falls into disrepair, it not only affects the quality of your customers’ first impressions, it can also pose a significant hazard. Things like broken tiles and torn carpets can result in costly slip/fall claims and lawsuits. If your facility experiences a flooring issue, be sure to put out clear and obvious signage or cordon off the area altogether before calling your maintenance provider and requesting emergency service.
  6. Painting Projects — Nothing makes your retail or commercial location shine like a new coat of paint. Unless, of course, you call in an amateur. Professional painting services are worth every penny when you are striving to create an ideal retail experience. Not only does a professional have the skills and experience to get your job done fast and minimize the impact on your customers, the quality of your company’s appearance depends on the proper application techniques that only a pro knows.

6.5) Electrical System Check-Ups and Upgrades — Without the necessary electricity infrastructure in place, it’s lights out for your company. A good maintenance provider will provide regular system check- ups to make sure you have the “bandwidth” to keep your business running smoothly around the clock.

Keeping your retail or commercial location up- to- date and looking good is good for business. With your company’s reputation on the line, finding the right maintenance provider is essential. The company you trust to help you make that critical first impression with clients and customers needs to understand your business and its needs. Nobody knows your facility better than the people who built it. Most quality build out providers also offer maintenance services like those listed above. Be sure to ask about maintenance and update services when partnering with your retail construction and build out provider. Then, when an issue or emergency arises, you can rest assured that you and your facility are covered.

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